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 Your Horse's profile.

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Your Horse's profile. Empty
PostSubject: Your Horse's profile.   Your Horse's profile. Icon_minitimeSat Oct 30, 2010 7:04 pm

Just a bit of a laugh really.

What would your horse answer to these questions?



Favourite thing/place
Favourite person

Who do you admire the most?
Who do you dislike the most?

Favourite colour
Favourite rug

Advice for slave (owner)

Here are my two:
Name Captain, my Captain (Cappy for short)
Age 15, but I feel like a 3 year old
Height 17-3hh
Weight never enough for my human

Likes warmth, my stable, carrots, stud muffins, my boys who I babysit, jumping and schooling, apples and a good roll, after I have been bathed.
Dislikes the vet, parsnips, my sister, mares, the cold, the wind, rain.Hacking out, it is sooooo not me

Favourite thing/place Stable where it is warm and cosy. Field with the lads but only if it is warm and sunny.
Favourite person Human and Human2 (she who must be obeyed)

Who do you admire the most? Me, I am a very special horse, don't you know? My human says so.
Who do you dislike the most? The vet, he is a vicious man and not too keen on the dentist either. Or anyone who thinks horses should go out in the cold or rain or wind.
Favourite colour why chestnut of course. Pink rather suits me and I look very dashing in white too
Favourite rug Anything that is designer and expensive! Well actually I love my hawaiian rug, the first one human bought me.

Advice for slave (owner) More carrots, less hacking, more jumping. Plus please remember a boy likes to look cool so not too many cuddles, except when I ask for them.

Name Fany Du Champ De La Petite Ville (Sausage for very short)
Age 14
Height 14-2hh
Weight- Don't go there, we are always working on it
Likes buckets, food, carrots, parsnips, hacking out and cantering around, fields, grooming and my adopted baby girl R.
Dislikes Stables, empty buckets, DIETS, being wormed, baths, being shod, schooling, having my legs clipped.
Favourite thing/place being in a field with my friends
Favourite person Elizabeth
Who do you admire the most? My BF T. he is such a dude!
Who do you dislike the most? No one, I love everyone though sometimes that brother of mine can take sibling rivallry too far!
Favourite colour Pink of course!
Favourite rug My pink and flowery fleece.
Advice for slave (owner) Please could I have a sign which says "Sausage is not over weight she is a HEAVY horse, we don't need nutritional advice. Thanks!" Also let there be more haylage and buckets

What would yours say?

Rosie x
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PostSubject: Re: Your Horse's profile.   Your Horse's profile. Icon_minitimeSun Oct 31, 2010 9:41 pm

Name Gorsehill Maya, Maya for short.
Age Six
Height 16hh
Weight Asking a lady about her weight? Hmph. No manners these days!

Likes Carrots, Cuddles, Red apples (only red mind), Jumping, Hay, Dressage, Dinnertime, Did I mention food?
Dislikes Green Apples, Tacking up, Needles *shivers*

Favourite thing/place Big fields, within sight of human, so I can pose, look pretty then go and roll in the mud, then go on an epic quest to find the unicorns. Yes, they could be hiding under any stone in the field. And yes, I must investigate every single one.
Favourite person Rachael, honest. Feed me nows?

Who do you admire the most? Mr Spillers.
Who do you dislike the most? My next-stable-neighbour. Always nosy, always nibbly. Hmph, geldings.. *rolls eyes, head and neck*

Favourite colour Anything food-coloured.
Favourite rug My big, cosy stable rug.

Advice for slave (owner) More food, less vets. Oh, and none of those green apples. I do have standards you know.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Horse's profile.   Your Horse's profile. Icon_minitimeFri Nov 12, 2010 11:52 pm

Name: Bob
Age: somewhere between 15 and 20 but I act like a 5 yr old!
Height: 15hh
Weight: a lot less then it used to be!

Likes: Food... food...bucking... food... galloping... food... ditching fatty blondey and umm food? oh and good horsey friends Smile.
Dislikes: exercising without company, not being allowed to gallop (hence the bucking Razz), schooling.

Favourite thing/place: galloping across splatts barn pretending to be a race horse (well I am?!!)
Favourite person: fatty blonde when she gives me food.

Who do you admire the most?: The makers of badminton horse treats and my pal mr cruise.
Who do you dislike the most?: Ella the moody mare who keeps biting my bum!

Favourite colour: red
Favourite rug: only got one Sad but its a very nice red amigo one Very Happy.

Advice for slave (owner): Please give me more food otherwise I might waste away from lack of badminton treats and nuts and carrots Razz:P oh and no more schooling unless I get to jump please Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Your Horse's profile.   Your Horse's profile. Icon_minitime

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Your Horse's profile.
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