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 New rider for Chancey!!

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New rider for Chancey!! Empty
PostSubject: New rider for Chancey!!   New rider for Chancey!! Icon_minitimeMon Oct 18, 2010 4:41 pm

Well its come to the point where i have had to enrol a rider for Chance, something i was not keen on doing as i didint want a complete stranger. With the hours i work its really hard to get any riding in Sad and now that Chance is 'getting on' a bit he needs regular exercise to keep everything supple!

I thought i would be fine to ride in the afternoons when on nites and after days in the summer but believe me the LAST thing you wanna do after being on your feet for 12 hours is RIDE! Crying or Very sad

This is not good when you are trying to get/keep a horse fit! Rolling Eyes When i have my week off each month i can ride everyday but for the following 2 weeks i can hardly ride at all, maybe the odd day which is just useless! I RARELY let anyone ride Chance but i have enrolled a good friend, Toni (who has leant me the heather moffet) to ride him 3-4 days a week for me. She is mature, sensilble, reliable and trustworthy plus she knows Chance well as we usd to be on the same yard Wink

She will start riding him as of next week hopefully.
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New rider for Chancey!!
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