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 Warm Winter Recommendations

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PostSubject: Warm Winter Recommendations   Sat Oct 09, 2010 2:01 pm

I though I'd do a thread about my suggestions for Warm winter gear. Feel free to add your own ideas we must, that way, get something like a perfect winter outfit for keeping warm.

Boots ~ Muck boots all the way. I have lost count how many pairs I have had, I go through a pair a winter. They are sooo warm, my feet are never cold, they are comfy too especially when you concider I can be wearing then for 10 hours somedays.

Socks ~ Joules Allsorts. The most wonderful, soft warm socks. Even Hubby insists on these too, but he does draw the line at the pink ones!! Get them in the sale they are usually less than half price.

Jods ~ Harry Hall/Rhinegold Warm riders. Fleece jods, supposed to be worn under your jods but to me they are just great as a warm pull on jods.

Jacket ~ Just Togs Cruz. Bought one of these last year in the half price sale and it is just sooo gorgeous and warm. Sometimes too warm. Only showerproof though, won't tollerate a huge downpour, but I have only one been soaked to the skin in it and I was still warm.

Gloves ~ Atlas gardening gloves. I use the thinner pairs for mucking out and a thermal pair generally. You can do up buckles and clips without taking your gloves off. I have a spare pair at the yard so if one gets wet I just change them.

Anyone any other recommendations?
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PostSubject: Re: Warm Winter Recommendations   Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:27 pm

Hat - you have got to bee seen in one of these or similar, they might look funny but they are SOOO warm Wink

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Warm Winter Recommendations
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